A Global Treasure Hunt

Windstar / A Global Tresure Hunt

Crack the code to locate an extraordinary treasure for a chance to win a cruise for you and a friend
to retrieve it! We carefully pick 180 details that make the Windstar experience special, and make a film documenting each one. We hide 11 numbers, letters, and symbols in the clue videos.These clue videos
are posted all across the windstar social media channels. Participants entered them in the correct order
on the Windstar site. The winner got a golden ticket that guarantees 8 days cruise for 5-starrooms
with 10 guests! The winner even got to choose the cruise site among 10 windstar cruise locations.

Client: Windstar
Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design
Creative Director: Andrew Miller
Art Director 2 : Emily Galvelis
Copywriter/CCO: Teddy Lynn

Clue 1 - Yachts